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Our creative methodology and teaching approach has been endorsed by FLACSO and Universidad de San Andrés  and have been recognized as one of the top 13 most innovative Latin American pedagogy experiences by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank, the Organization of American States (OAS), the Organization of Ibero-American States, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and the Ibero-American Cooperation Secretariat AIETTI.


The program has also been recognized as a matter of  Educational Interest  by the governments of Buenos Aires and Azul, respectively; and by the Buenos Aires Province Senate. 


Crear vale la pena created as an art program of Fundación El Otro.



Creation of the nucleous that would originate the future Cultural Center Joven Creativo, in the district of Bajo Boulogne, as part of the program of scholar assistance in Casa del Niño.



Crear vale la pena declared of municipal interest and of nacional interest by the Secretary of Culture fo the President of the Nation . Crear vale la pena selected as a Good Experience to repeat in other countries by AIETI (Association of Investigation and Specialization regarding Iberoamerican Themes) of the Secretary of Ibero American Cooperation.



We added a new Cultural Center “Apostando al futuro” in partnership with the San Roque Civil Association.


Display of the show “De la Cava y el Bajo Boulogne a la Recoleta” (“From la Cava and Bajo Boulogne to Recoleta”) in the Cultural Center of Recoleta.


Award Teatro del Mundo 2001-2002, granted by the University of Buenos Aires and the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center in the category of outstanding institution in seasonal theater 2001-2002.



Premiere of the show Interior Americano in the MALBA – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Museum of Latinamerican Art of Buenos Aires)


We publish “2×2 = 5”, booklet for the multiplication of community cultural centers.



Beginning of synergic travels with organizations from Brazil, Chili, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru in partnership with Foundation Avina. The basis of the metropolitan and latinoamerican partnership of Art and Social Transformation were set up.



Stood out as a Good Practice among 700 evaluations by the Comité Asesor Técnico de UN-HABITAT (Naciones Unidas) meeting in Dubai from the 13 to the 17 of June, 2004.


Crear vale la pena presented a dance show in the dance theater “Die Niemands” (Los Nadies) in the Festival Play-Mas, Hamburg, Germany (march 2004).



The University of San Andrés chose CVLP as a “case study” within its program for studying cases of development with the University of Harvard


Definitive foundation of la Red Latinoamericana de Arte y Transformación Social (Latin American Network of Art for Social Transformation), in which 25 organizations of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chili and Peru take part.


Initiation of the program art, youth and citizenship “Somos Voz” (“We are voice”) for schools of the country and abroad.


Publish the manual “Somos voz, iguales pero diferentes: una herramienta de intervención artístico pedagógica”, with the Education area of FLACSO and the Network for the young people rights REDxDER.


Creation of “Kiel CREARtiv” in Germany, an organization that took Crear vale la pena as a model.


Creation of the Metropolitan Art and Social Transformation alliance with Grupo de Teatro Catalinas Sur, Culebrón Timbal and Circuito Cultural Barracas.



Crear vale la pena was invited by the Ibero-American German Society (Deutsch-Ibero-Amerikanische Gesellschaft) to realize a three year Exchange program (2005-2008) “Kiel aprendiendo del Sur” (Kiel Learning from the south). In this from, the 2006 tour of Germany and Slovakia: Bremen festival.


“Grand Prix de l’Action Humanitaire“ de Madame Figaro (Le Figaro). It is an award by the weekly magazine Madame Figaro, one of the most important newletters in France.


Creation of regional networks with other organizations from Argentina.


Crear vale la pena was invited to share its experience in a training class for European young leaders which theme was “GLOBA-L-INKS, Educate for global participation” in Italy.



Implementing of the exchange project between schools of Germany and Argentina : “Mi Mundo, Tu Mundo Un mundo” (“My world, Your world, A world”). This project is part of the partnership between Crear vale la pena and Kiel Creartiv- an organization member of Crear in Germany, created with Crear’s strategies since 2005.


Crear’s 10 years’ anniversary. Series of Concerts “Ellas suman tu voz. Sumate Vos” (“They joign in with their voice, you can joign in too”) in the theatre IFT – Buenos Aires-. The festivities ended with the closure of the cultural community centers open to the whole community with the participation of more than 300 people of the district every day.


Visit of the president of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, General Governor of Canada, with her husband film maker Jean-Daniel Lafond. The aim was to know the youngsters and their audio-visual productions part of the Audio-Visual Workshop that was implemented with the student program of volunteering FADU-UBA, Cátedra Campos/Trilnick.


Crear vale la pena was selected by Fundación La Nación as a national reference in Art and Social Transformation for the institutional communication campaign.



Publish the manual “Somos Voz. Iguales pero diferentes” for teachers and artists


Kinder Zum Olympus” Award, Bunder Kultur Stiftung. The project awarded is “Mi mundo, Tu mundo, Un mundo. Somos Voz” Exchange between Argentinian and German Schools.


Publication of Crear vale la pena’s book : “Arte y Transformación Social: Saberes y Prácticas de Crear vale la pena” (“Art and Social Transformation : Crear vale la pena’s Knowledge and Experience”)



The Latin American Network of Art for Social Transformation, coordinated by Crear vale la pena in Buenos Aires, signed a contract with OPS/OMS (Organización Panamericana de Salud, Oficina regional de la Organización Mundial de la Salud) with the aim of promoting wellbeing through art in Latin America.



Creation of Plataforma Puente Viva Comunitaria at the “Encuentro de Redes de Latinoamérica” in Medellín, Colombia.



Prize granted by the Ministry of Social Development of Buenos Aires for the project “Arte para la integración social y el protagonismo juvenil”


Crear vale la pena was recognized for its work and commitment in the cause of wellbeing and health for children of our country, by the association Argentina e Pediatría.


Crear vale la pena was recognized as “EMBAJADA DE PAZ” (Embassy of Peace) in the Project/Campaign Mil Banderas para Mil Escuelas Instituciones, Organizaciones y Personalidades “Despertando Conciencia de Paz”



Crear vale la pena designed and coordinated the implementation on 19 schools and community centers in an art and creativity program which applies for common education improvement and social cohesion, in association with St Andrew´s University Education School, Scotland Aberdeen Government and Buenos Aires City Government.


Our ABC program in the community manages to award Teaching Points in the formations. Management with the Undersecretary of Educational Management and Pedagogical Coordination of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires



The manual “Creativity in the classroom: learning to live and live learning” was published for facilitators of learning and coexistence, carried out with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the University of San Andrés.



The Social Ecumenical Forum distinguished us in the NGO-Education category, Solidarity Entrepreneur Award.


Evaluation research of the ABC program in the Community carried out by the School of Education of the University of San Andrés. Head of Research: Fernando Onetto; Assistant researcher: Iván Matovich; technical advice: Dr. Jason Beech



The Art, Wellness and Creativity in the Community Seminar is declared of Educational Interest by the Ministry of Education of the GCBA.


The ABC project – Art, Wellness and Creativity in the Community – is declared of Educational, Cultural and Community Interest by the Deliberative Council of the Blue Party.


Ecumenical and Social Forum Award: Inés Sanguinetti.


The “Luz, cámara, escuela” Manual was published, of the audiovisual productions project in secondary schools in alliance with Cablevisión. Applied to support schools in the field of audiovisual education and the production of local content from the perspective of the community.



Since 2017, “Entornos Creativos: arte y aprendizaje para la inclusión” has been carried out, in coordination with the National Ministries of Education, Culture and Social Development.


“Entornos Creativos” is implemented in articulated form in schools, social organizations and state institutions of Salta, Jujuy and Buenos Aires, on places of Pilar, Azul, San Isidro.


The “Manual de lúdica y creatividad aplicada a la prevención de culturas de la ilegalidad” was published, with ACIJ (Civil Association for Equality and Justice) in the framework of LOT (The Other Plot), a network of organizations of civil society for the prevention of organized crime.


Schmidheiny Award, promoted by Viva Idea http://www.vivaidea.org/ in the category of Collective Impact, having competed among more than 550 projects in Latin America.


“Creative Environments / Lab Day” is declared of Educational Interest by the General Council of Culture and Education – General Directorate of Culture and Education of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.


Our program “ABC / Environments Creative” was selected as a practice of educational innovation and incorporated in the publication “50 educational innovations for schools” of CIPPEC.


Research of the “Creative Environments” program carried out by the Observatory of Local Development “Society and territory”. Researchers: Magdalena Garzón and Rosana Sampedro.



“Creative Environments” was awarded by VIVA Idea for an innovation in Colective Action. In 2018 it was declared of Legislative Interest by the Buenos Aires Senate, and it was also declared of Interest by the Municipality of San Isidro (Buenos Aires)


Inés Sanguinetti was invited to the 4th International Teaching Artist Conference in New York ITAC4, to present the experience of Creative Environment as an innovative way of teaching.


(2018) Creative Environments has been presented as a project at the 2nd Edition of Líderes de la Transformación Educativa (Leaders of Educational Transformation) organized by the SM Foundation, to be part of the Red Iberoamericana de Transformación Educativa (Ibero American Educational Transformation Network).


(2019) Creative Environments has been qualified as One of the 13 most innovative latin american experiences at the 1st Innovative Experiences Summit as a Teacher Training Course by the OEI, OEA, CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento) and the World Bank.


In the past few years, we have been supported by: