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Community Living Culture

Community living culture

has as its main goal the improvement of quality of life, the strengthening of social organization and social integration of citizens through art, culture and sport promoting the participatory work in the neighbourhood to contribute to the well-being through a greater social cohesion for effective citizenship rights.This program is implemented in vulnerable communities of the city of Buenos Aires.

Line of action Programs Envolved organization

Support for the Art Actions and Existing Community

Community Live Culture

30 OSC of Objetive Territories

Training of Trainers and Integration With Cultural Life of the City

City in Game
Photo and Cine
Social Circus
My Neighbourhood Nakes City

Culebron Timbal
Cine en Movimiento.
Circo Social del Sur.
La Maravillosa/Postales Sonoras.

Art. Culture Education and Social Cohesion

Art Creativity and Well-Being in School

Create Worth

Construction of fields for the organization and democratic participation

Rooms in my

Portales Inclusivos.
Pura Praxis / Culebrón Timbal / 20 OSC de los territorios.