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ABC Buenos Aires

“Art, Welfare and Creativity”

“Art, Welfare and Creativity in Communities” is a public – private consortium program carried on by BACG (Buenos Aires City Government) Ministry of Education, BACG Ministry of Culture, Secretary of Habitat and Inclusion, Arts District, Southern Corporation and Crear Vale la Pena Foundation . It is a program aimed to renew teaching and learning activities in order to integrate art and creativity transversally to curricular contents so as to improve educational quality and school environment. Such project stands for enabling new playful and creative tools which may allow professional artists and teachers to do a joint task, transversal to school curricula, in order to improve learning background and social setting inside the classroom. ABC is held up by 19 Public Schools in Balvanera, Barracas, La Boca, Liniers, Montserrat, Nuñez, Parque Avellaneda, Pompeya and Villa Lugano Quarters. A common work operated by di_erent social actors points to knowledge and practices exchanged inside these areas, looking for new ways to assure that communities are getting valuable experiences which may result in a solid base for signi_cative learning and active participation in civil society. An intercourse culture is aimed, wherein pupils learning is going to be full of meaning, positive and transforming and therefore supplying artistic, cultural and creative experiences bearing an excellent educative quality. Program proposal is the appearance, inside educative communities, of a new professional role: “a bondig artist” inside the community. Said artist role is not the one which is traditionally attached to an art teacher inside the school timetable, but one who stands ready to collaborate in building up a learning environment, stronger institutional links between schools, health centers and cultural and sportive spaces in order to approach to complex problems inside different communities. As a training for the enablement of ABC actions new educative lines are designed wherein artists become closer to school problems and community tasks and teachers become capable people for the development of their own creative power. This is the way to “didactic pairs” labour, which stands as our ABC Program basical point. Academic research carried on by St. Andrews University Education School draw the conclusion that teachers, when they are partners to an artist, _nd a key factor to sustain pupils interest in class and to improve living together between children and with adults. ABC Program – held in an intercourse with Scotish, Colombian and Chilean similar practices – starts on the idea that a higher quality teaching may spring out from art activity since this is a way to enhance curiosity, then pushes creativity and further on achieves individual and collective innovation and welfare because teaching and learning courses obtain a revival and greater quality.

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